Pole & Dance Classes Schedule

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Schedule goes into effect Thursday, March 6, 2014.


8:00PM-9:00PM — Beginner Pole Fitness Drop-In– Erica


7:00PM-8:00PM — Pole Flirt Fitness — Stephanie

8:00PM-9:15PM — Flex It — Ruslana


7:45PM-8:45PM — Pole Fitness Pkg — Stephanie

8:45PM-9:45PM – Pole Fitness Drop-In — Antoine/Tiffany S.


7:00PM-8:00PM — Flirt Flow Fitness – Stephanie

8:00PM-9:00PM — Exotic Aerial Hoop – Lauryn

8:45PM-9:45PM — Hula Hoop Cardio – Lauryn


7:00PM-7:45PM — Exotic Chair Dancing — Stephanie

8:00PM-9:00PM — Pole Fitness Pkg — Antoine


11:00AM-12:ooPM – Beginner Pole Fitness Drop-In – Stephanie/Tanya

12:00PM-1:00PM — Pole Fitness Pkg — Tanya

1:00PM-2:00PM –  Open Pole — ECP Instructor


10:00AM-11:00AM – Booty Camp – Victoria

11:00PM-12:00PM — Zumba — Victoria

12:00PM-1:00PM — Hula Hoop Cardio – Lauryn

1:00PM-2:00PM — Pole Fitness Drop-In — Tiffany

2:00PM-3:00PM — Exotic Aerial Hoop — Lauryn

Not sure what class to take? Have some general questions about Pole Dancing Fitness? Give us a call at (347) 560-6717 or email info@exoticcurvespolefitness.com.

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