Dance Classes

ECP’s pole classes are full body workout that will leave you feeling sexy while combining dance, flexibility and fitness. We offer an array of classes built with you in mind. Pole dancing is for everyone regardless of size or fitness level. No experience is necessary. (All women must be 18 or over)

Dance Class Descriptions

Belly Dancing Classes

Tahia Carioca was a star of the Golden Age of Egyptian cinema. She is quoted as saying, “a good belly dancer must express life, death, happiness, sorrow, love and anger… but above all she must have dignity.”

Belly Dancing is a Middle Eastern dance that involves strategically isolating different parts of your body with a large concentration on the core muscles, which is where all movement begins. This dance class is perfect for beginners who will learn how to tell a story, move with the music and increase coordination. Workshops coming soon!

Zumba Classes

There is a Zumba party everyday in Brooklyn! An ECP Zumba party is an experience that cannot be missed. Dance your way to a fabulous physique with this Latin inspired workout will have you hooked! Zumba classes will help improve your cardiovascular health, work your core and will definitely help you stay in shape! There is a Zumba class everyday, check out the schedule here.

Chair Dancing Classes

Dance your way to a sexier self. Our chair dancing class consists of a sexy routine that will work all your muscles while gyrating to the beat. This Friday night class is not to be missed! Workshops coming soon!

Exotic Aerial Hoop

This class will teach you how to execute beautiful tricks on a classic circus apparatus. The hoop is suspended from the ceiling allowing students to perform aerial acrobatics. There is a hoop class on Fridays and Saturdays, check out the schedule here.

Reserve Your Spot in a Dance Class

Reservations for all classes are a MUST! Walk-ins are welcomed if space is available.

Not sure what class to take? Have some general questions about Pole Dancing Fitness? Give us a call at (347) 560-6717 or email

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